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Telfast Kids

Nothing to be sneezed at Telfast wanted to localise three TVCs from their Russian counterpart, Zodac, for the Australian market however translating and re-dubbing was not going to provide the desired result. GHC recommended a different approach by creating a whimsical, illustrative style animation to bring these characters and narrative to our shores.  The three

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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency


Taking a fresh approach GHC had the pleasure of leading the creative direction for the introduction of a new natural product in the Proctosedyl range, Proctosedyl Witch Hazel. The first of it’s kind to market, GHC needed to highlight the natural components and pleasant scent, whilst ensuring it would appeal and translate well for the

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Dinosaur strong! To assist in the launch of new Ostelin products, Group Hug Creative developed a series of GIFs featuring their dinosaur brand ambassadors. Dinosaurs, Sunny and Rex, were brought to life for the first time in 3D through a series of animated GIFs, each with unique movements and interactions with the products. The videos

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