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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency

With Vaccines

With Vaccines We can go anywhere Group Hug had the pleasure of bringing Sanofi’s “With Vaccines” campaign logo to life with a colourful and engaging animation. From concept creation, artwork development, through to voice over and full post production, we looked after it all and couldn’t be happier with the result. The video is being …

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Simonds Homes

A peek inside Virtual experiences have never been more necessary, particularly in the real estate industry, with so much restriction to travel and capacity limits. Simonds homes engaged Group Hug to film a walkthrough video of their stunning Murnane 32 display home in Queensland. Shot mainly using a gimbal, the video needed to make a …

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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency


Opening of Hubs WaterNSW was excited to welcome staff back to the building after so much time away because of COVID19.  GHC filmed and produced this video to assist in communicating the changes to their Sydney head office, so staff could be aware of the requirements and understand what to expect, prior to their return. 

Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency


community giving Our client, Saputo Dairy Australia, wanted to highlight all the incredible work that the company, and it’s employees, have made to the community through a number of different initiatives. Group Hug developed a motion graphic style that focused on the circular motif of the Saputo icons and brand to frame images and present …

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Sanofi HQ

Grand designs 2020 changed many things, including the way we work, and Sanofi Pharmaceuticals responded to the needs of their Sydney staff by delivering a re-vamped office, designed for flexible working, amongst many other things.   This video was filmed and produced to showcase all of the new building features and excite employees about the incredible …

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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency


Patient communication LivaNova wanted to turn their VNS Therapy brochure in to a video to better engage with their patients. GHC used most of the original artwork from the brochure and developed a motion graphic style that enhanced the LivaNova brand. This video has also been translated in to two different languages for communication in …

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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency

Telfast Kids

Nothing to be sneezed at Telfast wanted to localise three TVCs from their Russian counterpart, Zodac, for the Australian market however translating and re-dubbing was not going to provide the desired result. GHC recommended a different approach by creating a whimsical, illustrative style animation to bring these characters and narrative to our shores.  The three …

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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency


Cooking up a storm For the second year in a row, Group Hug had the pleasure of capturing a very special event at the Melbourne head office and Cobram manufacturing facility for Saputo’s “Big Cook Up”. We filmed and post-produced this internal employee event to document and share staff cooking as much vegetable lasagne as …

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Sanofi Chatbot

Chatting with Nurse nat The Sanofi Influenza Chatbot video was produced using screen recordings and a clean info-graphic style of animation to promote the key features and benefits of this exciting new tool. The video was used to promote uptake and engagement across GPs, pharmacies and partner organisations.


Big results for mini Performance marketing agency, Merkle, wanted to showcase their work with Mini through video, as they have achieved some impressive results. Group Hug filmed at a Mini garage in Melbourne and used these beautiful vehicles as the backdrop for the graphics.  This video was used to support our client’s award entry submissions …

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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency

L’Oreal Access

Access online Recent updates to the L’Oreal Access global digital education platform required short videos to explain new features. Three videos were created to highlight the key new functions and to showcase the refined L’Oreal Access branding. The videos were delivered were created for social media use only, so needed to be bite-sized, mobile friendly …

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Melbourne video production graphic 3d design animation agency


Taking a fresh approach GHC had the pleasure of leading the creative direction for the introduction of a new natural product in the Proctosedyl range, Proctosedyl Witch Hazel. The first of it’s kind to market, GHC needed to highlight the natural components and pleasant scent, whilst ensuring it would appeal and translate well for the …

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Australian Institute of Sport

expert advice The AIS offers many programs and services to support the wellbeing of high performance athletes, coaches and staff. One of which is the Career Practitioner Referral Network. This animation was produced to compliment printed and digital materials and to assist in the communication and uptake of the service.

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