We make great content for great brands

We wholly believe that the best work is achieved when we work with our clients. That’s why we deliver a BS-free creative experience that ensures you’re comfortable enough to ask any question.

You won’t get lost in our email or told to wait months before we can make a start. We ensure every step of the process is considered and communicated. Because we’re a boutique creative agency, we give you the attention and support that makes you feel like we’re really just an extension of your team.

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Meet our Chief "Huggers"

Chief “huggers”, Anthony and Tanya, are responsible for Group Hug Creatives’ years of success. Their unique combined experience delivers the expertise to lead and guide the creative crew.

When you work with us, Anthony and Tanya will be your main point of contact as they are 100% invested in your long-term success.


Anthony formed Group Hug in 2012, after 15 years working for television channels producing award- winning promotions, both in the UK and Australia.

His oodles of experience ensures he always knows how to capture attention, entertain, inform and delight. His warm and lovable personality means he is not only a delight to work with, but he brings the best out of talent when filming.

Anthony oversees Group Hug filming, production and editing of live-action video projects.

He is also a closet wine buff and lover of cord flares.


Tanya has over 13 years’ experience working in marketing and PR related roles for television channels and PR agencies. She gets her kicks from making our clients’ dreams come true by nailing the right strategic and creative solution to the opportunity.

Tanya uses her organisational wizardry and infectious enthusiasm to manage the business and the creative team. From proposals through to project completion, for all of our animation & graphic based projects.

She is also mad for R&B Friday and a G&T

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